This is an all-on-one graphical user interface for various Infinity Engine file conversion utilities. Included are MVE Joiner, MVE2EXE, MVE2AVI, AVI2MVE, WAVC2WAV, WAV2WAVC, ACM2WAV, WAV2ACM, Sound Comparator, WAV2OGG, OGG2WAV, OGG Info, BMU2MP3, MP3Gain, BMP2PLT, PLT2BMP, TIS2TIZ, TIZ2TIS, TIS2BMP, and MOS2BMP. This is a work-in-progress, and as such, may be buggy. However, I am prepared to make every effort to correct any errors or problems that you encounter with my GUI (I can do nothing with any errors or shortcomings in the original command-line programs). This GUI utility was built using the AutoHotkey scripting language, and as such (unless I am mistaken), will perform best on newer Windows operating systems. Enjoy :-) !

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Installation is very simple: just extract all of the contents of the .RAR archive into any directory and run "PS gui.exe".

Please Note: None of the initial files located in the "PS gui (files)" folder should ever be moved or deleted. Also, "PS gui.exe" should always stay in the exact same directory as the "PS gui (files)" folder. Failure to act accordingly will cause the GUI to become disfunctional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Sorry if I ask but for what is needed this program???
A: While it is true that other programs may have some of the same basic capabilities (DLTCEP can convert between the various sound formats, for instance), several of the movie utilities that I include in my GUI aren't built in to any of the larger, mass-format editors like NearInfinity or DLTCEP. Even while some of the file conversions are supported by these larger editors, the utilities that my GUI is built around support a wide range of parameters (specifying bit-rate, defining the number of sound channels, constraining output size, etc.) that can't be controlled in the larger editors. I have spent quite a bit of time looking for the most "up-to-date" versions of these utilities buried in ancient topics of long-forgotten forums in foreign languages. My package brings them all together where they can be easily found. So, why make a GUI at all? Why not just put all of the utilities in an archive and upload it here? Because many people prefer a GUI to a command-line utility. The AVI 2 MVE converter can get especially complicated if you try to set it up by hand and need to add many of the parameters. Also, my GUI's mass-file batching makes it really easy to convert a large number of files at the same time, a process that would be extremely tedious if done by hand with the command-line utilities. I am aware that there really isn't much of a demand for these types of file-converters, but who knows, maybe someday someone will want to make a movie to go with their mod...



First of all, I would like to thank the creators of the original utilities—ABel (for avi2mve, mve2avi, mve Joiner, ACM2WAV, WAV2ACM, and Sound Signal Comparator), the unknown author of mve2exe, Edwin Steiner for WAVC2WAV, WizWom for his BMP<->PLT converter programs, John Edwards for OggEnc, John33 for OggDec, Michael Smith for OggInfo, Per Olofsson for TisPack, Theo de Moree for his Tis2Bmp and Mos2Bmp converters, and Glen Sawyer for MP3Gain.

Thanks to Tehnokrat for creating conv2mve, an Interface for the AVI to Interplay MVE converter (which I modeled the layout for my AVI2MVE tab after).

A special thanks goes to garry who wrote much of the code that was used in the creation of the “MVE Joiner” tab.

I would also like to thank Frankie, Svi, Leef_me, rtcvb32, YMP, and all the others for answering my questions at the AutoHotkey forums.

Thanks to Laszlo for his HexRead and HexWrite functions.

Please see this file for the documentation of the original utilities!

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Version history

4 Mar 2009 - Version 1.00:
  • Initial Alpha release
31 Aug 2009 - Version 2.00:
  • Added batch processing.
  • Added the launcher program ("GUI Launcher.exe").
  • Fixed a couple misc. problems.
23 Dec 2009 - Version 3.00:
  • Combined the programs into one.
  • Added drag-and-drop onto program conversion.
  • Added R-Click filetype conversion.
  • Added file extension associations.
  • Added Version Checker.
  • Added Hotkeys.
  • Misc. other minor fixes and improvements.
3 Jan 2010 - Version 3.01:
  • Made Version Checker compatible with new forum layout.
14 Jan 2010 - Version 3.02:
  • Fixed an error in the R-click WAV to WAVC conversion.
  • Added BMU to mp3 converter.
  • Added MP3Gain utility.
  • Added a StatusBar.
24 Jun 2010 - Version 3.03:
  • Added conversion complete notifications.
  • Started adding “remembered paths”.
  • Updated OggEnc2 to v2.87
  • Updates OggDec to v1.97
  • MVE2AVI radio/checkbox selection structure revised.
  • Made the R-Click and File Extension Association conversions more silent.
  • Made some changes trying to prevent erroneous “File not found” errors.
  • Made MANY other updates that I can’t remember the specifics of (I lost my list).
01 Jul 2010 - Version 3.04:
  • Made more changes trying to prevent erroneous “File not found” errors.
  • Fixed a minor bug where WinActive would activate the wrong window if a folder called “PS gui” was also open.
  • WAV2WAVC now outputs to a folder called “WAVC” inside the user-defined output directory when the output dir is the same as the input dir. This prevents the original WAV files from being overwritten by their WAVC counterparts.
  • WAVC2WAV now outputs to a folder called “WAV” inside the user-defined output directory when the output dir is the same as the input dir. This prevents the original WAVC files from being overwritten by their WAV counterparts.
  • Added support for RAD Video Tools. It must be installed separately by the user.
  • Added automatic RAD conversion on 8-bit input to WAV2WAVC conversion.
  • Added menu to select which extension association conversions and icons to install.
  • Fixed an error where the ACM2WAV outputs went to PS gui’s home directory instead of the designated output.
  • Ensured file names stay long instead of converting to 8.3 short names on drag&drop conversions as they sometimes did.
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