Classic Adventures will be a compilation of many of the old and some new classic PnP (Pen and Paper) modules. We fully plan to include series like A, D, G, S, and U into this story. Other older mods such as from the B, C, and UK series will also be added. There are several newer mods that will also be included into this project just for some variety.

Contact us at the Spellhold Studios Forums if you have issues/problems.

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Classic Adventures starts with two options. First is "The Sunless Citadel" which is a current mod for the d20 System. You will start the game as a level 1 player and work your way through a fortress that years ago was magically pushed into a giant ravine with the hopes of destroying it's evil occupants. You are tasked with creating a party to go down into the ravine and try to purchase a special magical item from a clan of goblins.

The other option is to play the classic "B3 - Palace of the Silver Princess". You will start the game as a level one player and work your way through the ruins of the mythical Silver Princess. Your hope is to find the famous ruby known as My Lady's Heart and sell it to purchase healing items for your village.

Either mod will complete Chapter 1. It is possible to do both but if you want more storyline, don't. Logically your character will not do this. You'll understand once you return to Oakhurst from either mod.

After finishing Chapter 1, you head to Saltmarsh. From there, the "U" series of mods commences (U1 - The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, U2 - Danger at Dunwater, U3 - The Final Enemy). Or, you can go a different path playing a mix of other mods, UK2 The Sentinel, UK3 - The Gauntlet, and C2 - The Ghost Tower of Inverness. After either path, you can start to head to Selgaunt. On the way, you can stop by a little town called Mistmoor (The Ghost of Mistmoor, Dungeon #35).

The city of Selgaunt is closed due to the recent attacks on nearby towns. However the bridge leading into the city is available for you to explore. This area starts the events for some of the other mini-mods. Right now Rihn's quest is available. She or Vildamyr have to be in the party for this quest. You will head to Westgate from here as well.

Chapter 3 starts in Westgate which is the nearby town for mods A1 and A2 of the Slaver series. You will continue the series by traveling to Suderham on an island in the Pirate Isles. This town is the location for A3 and A4.

Chapter 4 starts in Selgaunt. However, this package ends after returning to Selgaunt from Suderham. The city of Selgaunt is not finished but you can wander the streets looking at our progress if you wish.

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You must have a clean, full install of SoA and ToB. Install the ToB English Patch version 26498.

This is in Weidu format. To install, unzip the zip file to your game folder and double-click on Setup-Classics.exe. To uninstall, double-click on Setup-Classics.exe again and select the Uninstall option.

The install has 6 parts. You have to install at least the first. You can uninstall the first part later for patch updates. The second through fifth parts come from Wiemer's Ease of Use mod and only need to be uninstalled if totally removing the mod.

You no longer have to use XPpatcher for the starting XP points. I now modify the BGMAIN.EXE file during the installation. There is a backup left in the SoA folder for you to use if you uninstall this mod (you will have to manually replace the BGMAIN.EXE file).

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Chapter 1 -

Your parents had retired from adventuring many years ago. They setup a small business and farm near a village called Oakhurst. You have grown up in this town and have learned some class skills from the adventuring knowledge of your parents.

As someone with more skills in weapons than most, you have become the leader of the militia. It is because of this leadership that Mayor Jermien has requested you to lead a party into the mysterious ravine in hopes of negotiating the purchase of some magical apples that hold the power to heal any ailment.

The goblins are normally a pest to your village, raiding farms for food and stealing from merchants that try to travel in and out of town. At summer solstice, the goblins ususally come into town with one magic apple which they sell to your town for 50gp. The solstice is still several weeks away but several farmers have picked up serious ailments that normal potions can't cure. They will not survive until the solstice.

Talk to Jermien down at the village fountain. He will go over all the details one last time for you. There is also an additional quest to find information about an adventuring team that went into the ravine last month and hasn't returned. The mother of two of the adventures is willing to pay for any information you can find about their whereabouts.

After completing the fortress, return to Jermien for a serious surprise. After discussions with him, head to the SE corner of the map.

Chapter 2-

You are now in the town of Saltmarsh (okay so it looks like Trademeet). Talk to the Militia Captain and she will get your next quest started. Talk to the mayor of the town (come on, it's Trademeet, you know where he is).

If you have never played the U1-2-3 mods, here is a quick run through:

Talk to the mayor (the captain told you to do this). He will give you the quest to clear out the mansion of it's ghosts. Head out the SouthWest gate.

On the mansion's map, go inside for a strange discovery. Make sure you check all the shelves! Once you have looked around, head upstairs.

Here, there are several locked doors. Enter each one to find more clues. You should find a couple of stupid kids that need rescuing. You will also find a man tied up, Ned. Release him and he can join your group. Once ready, head down the other set of stairs. They are on the far left side (some people miss this!).

In the basement you will find your first couple of major clues. Kill them as you find them. When ready, look for the secret doors. After clearing out the skeletons, you will find the original home owner. Check the desk and table for items.

Go through the other secret door and you will see what is really happening out at the haunted mansion. Clear out the place. The boss has to die for you to prove you came here. Watch out for Ned!

Take all of your clues back to Saltmarsh. The captain will meet you at the gate. From there, you all head back to the mayor to confirm your suspicions.

The captain will ask for a council meeting. At this point, you can leave the U series of mods and start the UK series.

To start the UK series, decline to keep helping the captain. She will suggest that you go see Lord Baltis. He has a vistor from Waterdeep that needs help.

Lord Balthis will introduce you to Althon. Althon needs his assistant (Icar) to be escorted to the town of Piney Bluff.

To complete the U series, come back to the mayor's house after 12 hours or so to begin. She has more information to give to all of the nobles. From here, you will head out to the Sea Ghost.

On the Sea Ghost, clear the ship of enemies and look for more clues. At the bottom level of the ship, you will find another NPC and some major clues. Once finished, head back to the fisherman on his boat so he can bring you back to the docks.

Talk to the captain. She is going to want another meeting of the nobles to explain the serious problem you have discovered. Thus ends the U1 module. At this point, your Worldmap now works. The swamp is available to access to start the U2 mod.

In U2, you are sent to the swamp to find the secret location that either the smugglers or the lizardmen are using. You will find this to be the new home of the lizardmen. Go into their lair and talk to the chief. He will give you a quest to help compensate his loses from you (you have been killing his people after all).

The quest consists of clearing out some wyverns nearby. Keep exploring and you will find more secrets.

Return to the chief and he will want you to join them in a battle against a far greater threat to the area, sahuagins! The chief and his minister will explain what is really happening. You need permission from the Saltmarsh council to help. This will also allow Saltmarsh to send troops to the cause.

For evil players, here is a chance to wipe out the lair of all the lizardmen. They are a possible threat to Saltmarsh, right? Also, the shaman leader can have a task for you as well. The rewards from the fight are well worth it!

Return to the Saltmarsh captain and tell her what you discovered in the swamp. She will get the council to agree to send soldiers to the area near the sahuagin fortress (which used to be the lizardmen's fortress). You will also be asked to join in the fight. If you killed the lizardmen, you will still be able to go on to the sahuagin fortress.

On the new area of your map, fight all the sahuagin that you encounter. Assuming you didn't attack the lizardmen, their chief will ask you to go find the minister and talk to him. Find him down at the bottom left of the map and he will direct you to the secret entrance to the fortress that the lizardmen used to escape from the sahuagin. If you are playing evil, you can talk to an aquatic elf in the same place the minister would be.

Your goal inside is to stop a prism that controls the elevation of the fortress. Dropping the fortress down into the water will fill the place with water (which the sahuagin need to breath with); keeping the place raised allows air to flow in (which the lizardmen need to breath with). All you have to do is make sure the prism doesn't work properly.

For added fun, go try to kill the sahuagin chief. This is not required but the rewards will be worth the fight. Killing the lizardman engineer is all that is really required.

When you have finished in the fortress, go tell the minister and the chief what you did. You can now return to Saltmarsh as heroes. The U modules are now finished.

After talking to the Saltmarsh Captain, you will be approached by a little girl. Be nice to her and you can start a small quest I have created for Saltmarsh. This will also begin your series of clashes with a strong evil religion in this part of Faerun. Something we never experienced on the Sword Coast.

Once you have reported your findings to the temple and to the captain, you should head to Mistmoor. This town has a strange history to it. Talk to any of the townspeople then go find the local inn.

The current (and last) Lord of Mistmoor is in a dire situation and needs your help. Offer to help him clear out his family's manor of it's ghosts. Unlike the task in Saltmarsh, there really are ghosts here. Solve the mystery of the ghosts and clear out the manor of the evil residing in it.

When the Mistmoor module is done, head to Selgaunt's Bridge district. Here you will meet several famous people in Faerun. You will also have the chance to finally travel to Westgate and start the Slaver series.

On the Selgaunt Bridge, if Rihn or Vildamyr is in the party, you will meet Pel'ja. If you agree to her quest, she will teleport you to the Vault of Ages. From here, you get to start a new party. Althon, Rihn, and Vildamyr will automatically join the party. You have two more NPCs you can add, including some new ones. Once you are organized, ask Ilewtharyn to send you to Myth Drannor. He will explain to you that your quest is to obtain information about a man named Lashan who tried to conquer the Dales but failed. So he ran to Myth Drannor with the hopes of finding magic which would help him win the war. He was never seen again.

This part of Myth Drannor is the School of Wizardry. Rihn and vildamyr both have several dialogs to give you some history about what happened during the fall of the city. Outside the school, there are several encounters. None require a fight if you are smart enough to talk out of battle.

Inside the school, you will find some bodies of Lashan's men. Lashan himself is no where to be found but someone else here can clue you in to what happened. Again, you don't have to fight. Once you have the information you need, you can leave Myth Drannor. Just head back to Pel'ja and she will teleport you back to the Vault.

Ilewtharyn will be somewhat surprised about your information. He will then heal Rihn and send you all back to the Selgaunt Bridge district. If you haven't already done so, go into the Outlook Inn and talk to Jak and Stein. If you agree to their proposal, you can then talk to Captain Morgan downstairs who will sail you to Westgate.

Chapter 3-

Once you arrive in Westgate, organize your party and check the nearby containers for items that will help you. You need to find a way off the docks before you get recaptured. Head North to leave the area by way of a doorway. You have 2 options for leaving; both will take you out of the city and to an area near the abandoned temple. Make your way to the top of the map.

The next area on your map is the abandoned temple that Stein told you about. Search around and you will find it isn't so abandoned.

Clear out the Slavers. Don't forget to go into the temple area of the dungeon, check your map. Once you have cleared the place out, tell the slaves they can leave (extra XP for this). You should now have a new area on your Worldmap for the next slaver area and mod (A2).

The slavers transfer their captives from the temple to a fortress up in the mountains. Here you will find an ancient fortress that they are using as well as a small settlement nearby of escaped slaves. The A2 mod is basically simple, clear out the slavers. In the process, you will have several new NPCs that can join your party. Icar, Buranta, and Markessa are the new joinable characters. You will also find Chaarna here as a prisoner. She has become the leader's apprentice and so will have learned many new spells from when you last met her. Chaarna can rejoin your party if you wish.

Throughout the A1 and A2 mods, you have come across the name Suderham. You now know that it is the location of the slaver's strongholds as well as hopefully your townspeople. Collect the Slave Trader's Pass in A2 to use as access into Suderham once you get there. There are people here who will help you, you just need to find them.

Suderham is located on a volcanic island. During the A3 mod, you must find a way into the slaver's stronghold and confront them. The battle with the slavers will not be easy.

You awake in a cell. One of the slavers seems to be enjoying the fact that you were betrayed. After he leaves, the world starts to fall apart. The ground keeps shaking and you need to escape! Travel through the dungeons of the Slave Lords looking for a way to escape.

Once you exit the dungeons, you will find that Suderham is crumbling under the assault of lava flowing into the town. You need to escape but the only ship left is heavily guarded by the last of the town guards and the Slave Lords themselves. This is your last battle with these cruel people. Clearing out the last of the Lords will allow you to take the ship back to Selgaunt. This concludes Chapter 3.

Chapter 4-

Once you arrive in Selgaunt, you will need to help your townfolk find a new home. Go ahead and wander around Selgaunt and the towns of Cormyr. You will notice that this is mostly open with few people. You have now completed the mod so far.

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Thanks to K'aeloree and SConrad for hosting and setting up space for the CA Homepage.

Horred the Plague, Hlid, Vlad, Stone Wolf, Avenger, Ken and everyone on the TeamBG, PlagueZone, Forgotten Wars, and Spellhold Studios forums that has answered our questions.

Also to TheWizard for being the narrator of the story, master bug squasher, and all around nice guy.

Jason Compton's banter accelerator is used in this project, so a special thanks to him for letting us include it.

We did pull several pictures from somewhere (long ago, don't remember). So if it is copyrighted and you are pissed, let one of us know, we can always get another picture. The chapter change picture is from Larry Elmore, one of the best painters of fantasy/Sci-Fi (Larry, please let us keep it!).

A very special thanks has to go to Bruce R. Cordell for creating the original PnP mod (The Sunless Citadel) this one is based on. Druid mods rock!

Thanks to Dave J. Browne and Don Turnbull for the "U Series" (U1, U2, U3) modules. Thanks also to Leonard Wilson for "The Ghost of Mistmoor" mod, found in Dragon Magazine, issue 35.

The Slaver mods are from David Cook (A1), Harold Johnson and Tom Moldvay (A2), Allen Hammack (A3), and Lawrence Schick (A4). Thanks to all of them and TSR for these mods.

The Silver Princess mod (B3) was written by Jean Wells.

The two UK mods, UK2 and UK3, was written by Graeme Morris.

The Ghost Tower of Inverness (C2) was written by Allen Hammack.

Thanks to Cyrille, Elengwat, Farik Osman, Herd, Suzanne van Pelt, Kristopher P. Love, Plasmocat, and Wei Fang for some of the portraits.

Also thank you to Sol-Ek-Sa.

Thanks also to Irbis for creating several new maps for us.

The CA Team would like to say thank you once again to Anthony Fedele, Ruth Brown, Juan Carlos Gallego, Patty Allen, Rowan Michaels, Yvonne Delahaye, Sean Hills and Tracy Pfau for lending their voicing to this project.

Thank you once again to Kat (theacefes) for composing new music for us.

A special thanks to Sir-Kill for creating so many BAMs and making a new map for Mistmoor.

Also a big thanks to Sam. and vilkacis for creating so many new BAMs.

Thanks to Big Poppa, Rabain, and King Diamond for kindly sharing with us much needed maps.

Thanks to MythrylEagle for beta-testing CA extensively.

We would like to thank kry1 for her help with so many of the NPC pictures.

We would like to thank Ivanna for creating many of the pictures as well.

We would like to thank and recommend Sanjana Baijnath for creating maps for the Sentinel and Gauntlet modules. She has also been touching up our maps.

Thanks to Travis Moore for drawing the lineart for the NPC, Grozhar, and thanks to Nix for coloring his portrait.

Thank you Daulmakan for making two inventory .BAMs for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This is a Total Conversion. Most mods for BGII will not work with this mod. Item mods will work, however, if it is Ruad or something that effects Cromwell you will have problems since they aren't in this project. NPC/Romance/Flirt/Banter mods will not work.
  2. This project includes game engine updates created by Horred for the BP (Big Picture) project. This also limits compatibility with some mods. Do not install any tweak mod (Baldurdash, etc) or Worldmap fixes.
  3. The install package will modify the BGMAIN.EXE file. It changes the starting XP amount to 100 instead whatever the amount normally it (7,000?? I don't remember). There is a backup in your SoA folder, so when you uninstall this mod, you can just replace the EXE with the backup.
  4. I have many plans for this project. Just to let you know, after completion of chapter 1, you will head to Saltmarsh to begin the U 1-2-3 series of mods. From there, you will go through the Slaver mods (A1-4). The Giants series (G1-2-3) is planned after this. Followed by the Drow (D1-2-3) and possibly Lolth (Q1).
  5. We have added some components from other mods since they wouldn't work without adjusting them. These include Wes Weimer's Ease of Use and Item Upgrade mods, and the Ruad item upgrade mod. We do plan to add some additional mods later to this product.
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Q: It doesn't install.
A: Did you install a full version of SoA and ToB and the patch for Tob (26498)?

Q: The first area crashes after I build a new character.
A: That means that something didn't install correctly. Either the Worldmap is corrupt or the first area, TC0009 isn't working. You can use DLTCEP to verify this.

Q: I installed the Banter Pack and Dungeon-be-Gone mods, now the game doesn't work.
A: (In a terrible Edwin accent) Idiot.

Q: Can the Item Upgrade Mod be installed?
A: Yes, but Cromwell isn't here so there is no one to make the items for you. You can CLUA in them yourself.

Q: I want other parts of the Ease-Of-Use mod!
A: Too damn bad. Sorry, but actually they don't work with the files from BP and from the changes I have made. Therefore, don't install them.

Q: I deliberately made changes to your mod and now it doesn't work.
A: Please go kick yourself. I will NOT support changes made by players. I will however, be willing to fix bugs that you find. So please let me know about them.

Q: But I want Boo!
A: You obviously have a fetish problem and need to go talk to a shrink about this. Please don't play this mod.

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.53 Continued updates to Cormyr areas. Added more Selgaunt dialogs and plots.

.52 Removed Infinite Animations. Added Cormyr areas.

.51 New maps added. More bug fixes. New soundsets. Exnem Items and Infinite Animations mods added.

.50a Dialog fixes, a few script changes.

.50 Support for BG2Fixpack and added new Westgate maps.

.49a Massive updates to dialogs and banters.

.49 Updates to Selgaunt.

.48 Addition of the C2 mod.

.47 Corrections, improvements, and more banters. New A2 exterior map.

.46a Corrections to version 0.46.

.46 UK2 and UK3 mods added.

.45 Combination of 0.42, 0.43, and 0.44 as a single download. New Worldmap.

.44 Finish Slaver series of mods. Updates to some past areas.

.43 New areas (A3) and many fixes for previous locations.

.42 Map changes, new areas to explore.

.41 Content added to A2 areas. Fixes for earlier quests.

.40 Start of Chapter 3. Westgate and A1 mod.

.38 Fixes for Myth Drannor quest. Romances for Rivian and Rilithar.

.37 Myth Drannor quest added.

.36 More dialogs added. Selgaunt's bridge is now included. As is a new Worldmap, Myth Drannor, and the starting areas for A1 and A2.

.35 Spellchecks, updated areas, weapons, dialogs, etc.

.34 Major fixes to dialogs and scripts.

.33 Added Mistmoor mod, changed Worldmap, add fixes to Sunless Citadel and Saltmarsh ares. Added Paraway, Rilithar, Vlidamyr, Rihn, and Fala'stra NPCs.

.32 Finalized U2 and U3 modules. Fixed dialog and script problems found in chapter 1. Fixed Althon, Blush, and Aesdale dialog problems. Also added in TDD spells.

.31 Fixed several dialog problems and some scripts.

.3 Finalized U1 module. Fixed dialogs and made Meepo an NPC.

.2 Added U1 module. Fixed problems in .1.

.1 Nothing yet. First release.

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