The Lure of the Sirine's Call
Version 7 - for BGT-WeiDU

Developed by: Ghreyfain; Converted by: Ascension64, with permission from Ghreyfain

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       I.            General Overview

     II.            Installation

  III.            Uninstallation

   IV.            Spoilers

     V.            Legal Matters

   VI.            Credits & Cast

VII.            Version History


The seeds of this mod were sown during a discussion on the merits of creating and publishing smaller mods as an attempt to fuel further interest in Tutu modding, and to increase the likelihood of updating and improving on said small mods. The premise is that once you have something released, people will find things that could be better, things that are wrong with it, and ways it could be expanded upon. The creator can build on that as time goes on. In its current state, the Tutu version of the Sirine's Call has been converted for use with BGT-WeiDU.

The mod itself takes place in the coastal area south of Candlekeep, and involves the lighthouse, the treasure cavern, the sirines dwelling along the beach, and worgs. Also pirates. Everyone loves pirates. At the end of it all you should have either a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, or a bunch of loot. This quest will especially appeal to druids, though any class can play it without missing any content, dialogue, or equipment.

Explore the southern part of the lighthouse map (AR9500.are) to start the quest.

Check the spoilers section for more info on possible paths, consequences, rewards, and... yeah. Spoilers. It's the spoilers section, after all.


        i.            Extract the file "SirinesCall_v7_BGT.rar" to your BGT-WeiDU installation directory.

       ii.            Run "Setup-SirinesCall.exe" and follow the installation prompts.

Though this mod is made using the WeiDU standard, and *should* be compatible with all other WeiDU-based mods, there is always the possibility for conflicts.  We suggest you install this mod AFTER the official patches, Baldurdash, .tlk-based mods, and Tutu Fixpack.  If you encounter any problems installing the mod, please post the file SETUP-SIRINESCALL.DEBUG on the BGT-WeiDU forums. Please do not post issues with this version of the mod on the Pocket Plane forums.

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Uninstalling is simple. Double-click the setup-sirinescall.exe file and enter the given commands for Uninstallation.
Afterwards, you may delete the following files:

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Q: How specifically do I start the quest?
A: You start the quest by rescuing the little boy from the worgs at the lighthouse. You can do this before or after talking to the boy's mother, Ardrouine.

Q: How do I side with the Old Man, instead of Sil?
A: If you're either charming enough or smart enough to convince the Old Man to confess, he'll... well, confess. Then he'll offer to bribe you into killing Sil.

Q: What then? Are there layers and layers of betrayal to this mod? Can I be as nefarious and selfish as I truly desire?
A: Yes! When you kill Sil, you can simply call it a day and get back to adventuring, or you can loot the cave the Old Man was searching for, and he'll follow you soon after. Don't expect him to be happy, though.

Q: Does Safana have any interjections in this quest?
A: At present, no. Expect some in the future, though.

Q: I can't find the lighthouse/cave/Sil/Ardrouine! Where are they?
A: The lighthouse is in the south-west corner of the map. Can't miss it.
A: The cave is along the coast, around coordinates 400,950.
A: Sil is just below the cave. On your way to it, you'll meet her.
A: Ardrouine is south-east of the lighthouse, almost on the very bottom edge of the map. Follow the edge and you'll be sure to find her.

Q: How come I didn't get a reputation bonus for helping Sil?
A: How likely is she or her kind to spread word of your good deed? Exactly. If and when the Virtue mod has been expanded for Tutu content, expect a virtue gain for aiding Sil and her folk, however.


The Lure of the Sirine's Call for BG1Tutu is copyright 2005 by Jesse Meyers (aka Ghreyfain)

BALDUR'S GATE I, BALDUR'S GATE I: TALES OF THE SWORD COAST: 1998, 1999 Bioware Corp. All Rights Reserved.

BALDUR'S GATE II: SHADOWS OF AMN, BALDUR'S GATE II: THRONE OF BHAAL: 2000, 2001 Bioware Corp. All Rights Reserved.

The Lure of the Sirine's Call for BG1Tutu or BGT-WeiDU is not developed, supported, or endorsed by BioWare or Interplay/Black Isle.
All images and contents of this mod are copyright BioWare, Interplay/Black Isle or Wizards of the Coast.

REDISTRIBUTION NOTE: The Lure of the Sirine's Call was created to be freely enjoyed by all Baldur's Gate gamers. This mod, however, may not be sold, published, compiled or redistributed in any form without the consent of its author.

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There has been, of late, much ado about credits. Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of keeping all the attention for myself, or to give credit where credit is due, I don't know. I will err on the side of caution and give thanks to the following folks:

Bons - When she has to shoot and beta-test, she shoots and beta-tests. She doesn't talk.

Beta Tester

Andyr - Andyr Benedicto Maria Juan Ramirez, and any other aliases he may be known by.

Creative Consultant and Almost Beta-tester

Corvis - Enjoys nothing more than a good cigar after a meal.

Creative Consultant

Ghreyfain - You may run the risks, but he does the modding.

Everything Else

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Version 1

- Initial Release

Version 2

- The various sirines in the lighthouse map shouldn't be hostile


- Download size reduced via use of TISPack


- Updated installer to NSIS


- Fixed a pirate spawning bug


- Changed PC dialogue options if you kill the worgs before speaking to Ardrouine


- Fixed pirate hostility bug

Version 3

- French translation added by Egrevyn

Version 4

- AUTO_TRA bug fixed

Version 4 BGT

- Converted using Tutu2BGT converter utility


- Corrected soundsets for all creatures in package


- Added corrected searchmap for AR9500 so the lighthouse and longhall are accessible


- Removed a non-existant item reference


- Removed a door that leads nowhere

Version 4.1 BGT

- Removed incorrectly converted search map


- Integrated journal entries into BGT-WeiDU

Version 4.2 BGT

- Added Russian translation


- Corrected Ardrouine's reward


- Corrected language variable for foreign translations


- Updated to BiggDU v190

Version 4.3 BGT

- Corrected French installation errors


- German revision (by Leonardo Watson)

Version 4.4 BGT

- Added Italian translation (by Ilot


- Updated to BiggDU v197

Version 4.5 BGT

- Added Polish translation (by Regis)

Version 7 BGT

- Added Castilian/Spanish translation (by Ghildrean & Immortality


- Updated to BiggDU v198

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