Tashia Remix v1.1
A Spellhold Studios mod for Baldur's Gate 2: SoA/ToB
Original author: Michael "Arian" Lyashenko | Remix authors: Bri and Lord Ernie
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"At the sound of me,
men may dream or stamp their feet.
At the sound of me,
women may laugh or sometimes weep"

Hailing from the frigid climes of the Ten Towns, Tashia is an elvish, female sorceress ready for adventure and romance. This module is a complete add-on for Shadows of Amn, and Throne of Bhaal. It contains banters for each NPC, non-party NPC interaction, as well as three different epilogues.

Visit the website or forum for all the latest updates.

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Just point the installer to the game's installation directory, hit install, and follow instructions.

If for some reason the installer does not do this automatically, run "Setup-Tashia.exe" and follow instructions.
- The first option is to install the ToB version (required for the expansion) or just the SoA version.
- Then, if you've installed the ToB version, you can choose between the full action dialogues, or the Baldurized version (see below).
- A third component is the possibility to install either one of two alternate portraits for Tashia. These can be found for your viewing pleasure in tashia\update\portraits .

To uninstall in the future, run "Setup-Tashia.exe" again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Possible Spoilers!)

Q: Weren't there translations of Tashia in other languages?
A: Indeed there were. Unfortunately, this version Tashia is English only. Between the additional material, and the recoding, previous translations are now obsolete. If someone wishes to translate this version of Tashia, then they are welcome to do so.

Q: Where can Tashia be found?
A: She can be located in Vyatri's Pub in Trademeet.

Q: Is it possible to give Tashia a special present?
A: There is now a shop at an empty space on the Promenade. Visit there.

Q: After Tashia leaves with Arilistan, what do I do?
A: A map for the Tethyr Forest should appear. You need to go to the cave in the lower southwest corner of map.

Q: Tashia is dead after Arilistan's fight, so what now?
A: Further in the cave, you should notice a wispy wraith-like figure. That is the ghost of Tashia. Either cast Resurrect/Raise dead on her, or use a Scroll of Resurrect/Raise Dead.

Q: Is Tashia romanceable by females?
A: No.

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Version History

Changes in Tashia Remix v1.1 (Possible Spoilers!):

Changes in Tashia Remix v1.0 (Possible Spoilers!):

Changes from version 2.05 to 2.05g:

Changes from version 2.04:

Changes from version 2.03:

Changes from version 2.02:

Changes from version 2.01:

Changes from version 2.00:

Changes from version 1.09 to 1.09c:

Changes from version 1.08b and 1.07d:

Changes from version 1.07 to 1.07c:

Changes from version 1.06:

Changes from version 1.05:

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For Tashia support or questions, please visit the mod forum, or send a PM (Personal Message) to either Bri or Lord Ernie.

Original Mod's author:
Michael "Arian" Lyashenko

Tashia Remix author:

Tashia Remix coder:
Bert "Lord Ernie" Van Hertum

Tashia Remix 1.1 update coder:

Sound set author:
Sarah Hamilton (voice of April Ryan from the game "The Longest Journey" by Funcom)

Music - 'sad' song:
"Under the Oaks" by Elven

Music - 'happy' song:
"Drum, Pipe and Dance" by Elven

Portrait's author:
Antonio Montenegro (amalthea@chello.be)

Mod forums:

Special Thanks and Acknowledgments from Bri

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