Aurora Have you ever wished that Athkatla were a little livelier? Ever wanted to know how Biff ended up as the understudy? Wished that the shopkeepers had more than two lines apiece? Had lives of their own?

Ever wished you could buy some Boots of Speed that looked a bit more, well, dashing? Thought about buying Imoen some pink Boots of Stealth? Wanted to use the Stinking Cloud that must form around your party after days of travel and no baths for some truly useful purpose?

Waste no more time on wishing!

Now that Aurora is here, you can have all these things and more!

Aurora's Shoes and Boots introduces more than two dozen new pairs of boots that are both useful and stylish. In addition, Aurora herself is there to add a bit of spice to Athkatlan life. She'll chat with you about nobles and commoners alike, providing exciting (if not always accurate) information about their daily lives.

Karaea Tomthal You will also meet the shop's nighttime attendant, the surly gnome Tomthal, doomed to the surface by a mysterious curse, and the shop's traveling salesperson, Tomthal's cheerful sister Karaea.

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This mod works with BG2: Shadows of Amn, with or without the expansion pack Throne of Bhaal. If you do not have Throne of Bhaal installed, you will miss a few items available in that part of the game. Make sure your game has the latest patch. Check the ReadMe files related to your patch in your game folder and the BioWare website if necessary.

This mod will also work with all mods, including Baldur's Gate Tutu (and EasyTutu) and Baldur's Gate Trilogy. Aurora and Tomthal will not appear in the Tutu version, but Karaea will.

Aurora's Shoes is now compatible with the total conversion Classic Adventures (Karaea travels to Westgate and the Suderham dungeons). In theory, it should also be compatible with Return to Trademeet (Karaea also returns to Trademeet).

This mod should go fairly late in a mod install order: ideally after patches and fixpacks and before final "biffing" routines. It should also go after other mods that add creatures and mods that overwrite rather than patch game resources.

If you want the (few) weapons in this mod to take the "Sensible Weapon Restrictions" from Ashes of Embers, it doesn't matter whether you install Aurora before or after AoE. If you want the similar weapon tweaks in Level 1 NPCs, however, install the latter mod after Aurora.

We strongly recommend starting a new game before playing this mod, or you may miss a lot of content. In any case, you must not have visited the Bridge District or Nashkel before playing the mod, or you may experience game-breaking issues.

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Note: If you've previously installed the mod, remove it before extracting the new version. To do this, run setup-aurora.exe (or .command), uninstall all previously installed components and delete the aurora folder. When installing or uninstalling, do not close the DOS window by clicking on the X button! Instead, press the Enter key when instructed to do so.

Important: Disconnect from the Internet and turn off any antivirus, firewall or other memory-resident software when installing this mod or any others. Not only will your installation go faster, but some antivirus packages report false errors with WeiDU mods.

You can extract files from the archive using WinRAR, ZipGenius or another file compression utility that handles .rar files.

Extract the contents of the mod to the folder of the game you wish to modify (BG2, BGT or EasyTutu). On successful extraction, there should be an aurora folder and a setup-aurora.exe file in your game folder. To install, simply double-click setup-aurora.exe and follow the instructions on screen.

Run setup-aurora.exe in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.

Mac OS X
Extract the contents of the mod to the folder of the game you wish to modify. On successful extraction, there should be an aurora subfolder in your game folder. Download the OS X version of WeiDU (or copy another mod's launcher) and rename it setup-aurora. Put this and the setup-aurora.command file within the aurora subfolder in your main game folder. To install, double-click on setup-aurora.command and follow the instructions on screen.

Extract the contents of the mod to the folder of the game you wish to modify. Download the latest Linux version of WeiDU and copy WeiDU and WeInstall to /usr/bin. Then open a terminal and cd to your game installation directory.

Optional: run 'tolower' and answer 'Y' to both queries. You can avoid running the second option (linux.ini) if you've already ran it once in the same directory. To save time, the archive is already tolowered, so there's no need to run the first option (lowercasing file names) either, if you've extracted only this mod since the last time you lowercased file names. If unsure, running tolower and choosing both options is the safe bet.

Run WeInstall setup-aurora in your game folder to install the mod. Then run wine BGMain.exe and start playing.

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All components are optional. Some are platform-specific as indicated below.

Aurora's Shoes and Boots
This is the main component described herein. However, you need not install it if you just want to install the other tweaks.

Small portraits for NPCs
Requires main component
This component provides two options for installing portraits:
     1. The mod-added merchants, as well as a few other NPCs the mod interacts with.
     2. Just the merchants Aurora, Tomthal and Karaea.
Of course, you can skip the portraits entirely if you prefer.

Shorten Gorion battle cutscene
This component is primarily a convenience for playtesting, but is also for the player who's seen Gorion's battle one too many times. It will greatly shorten this, allowing you to start playing almost immediately after leaving Candlekeep. Everything else in the game is otherwise as if you had sat through it. When combined with the "Skip Candlekeep" component of Sword Coast Stratagems, you can be exploring the wilderness in a matter of seconds.

Shorten BG2 intros
This component is primarily a convenience for playtesting, but is also for the player who's seen the opening cutscene in Irenicus's dungeon one too many times. It will shorten this and skip the linear talk with Imoen, allowing you to begin play immediately. Everything in the game is otherwise as if you had sat through all that. When combined with Dungeon-Be-Gone, you can be within Athkatla in a matter of seconds, and just steps away from acquiring some new boots, if you can afford them. This component has three options:
     1. Shorten the opening cutscene in Irenicus's Dungeon.
     2. Shorten both the opening cutscene and the subsequent battle between Irenicus and the Cowled Wizards in Waukeen's Promenade.
     3. Shorten the previous two cutscenes and the Cowled Wizard scene that sends the player to Spellhold after talks with Gaelan Bayle.

Change store buying prices
This component is a revision of GeN1e's "Store Prices" mini-mod. While playing many different mods for Baldur's Gate, he noticed one unpleasant thing - almost every mod adds a certain number of new enemies who drop tons of expensive loot. If not creatures then areas with chests full of treasure. When playing a mega-mod combination, by chapter six he had around 600,000 coins! In the original game, that would hardly be more than 100,000. Faced with this lack of challenge, GeN1e started to lose interest in further playing. In order to avoid this, he started to ignore all new loot but it was hard, since he couldn't remember whether each coin came from the original game and thus could take more than desired.

The second reason for this component: the author is the kind of person who (surprise!) tries to gather as much as possible. At least until it becomes boring. When learning to mod, GeN1e asked: why not make a mod which would greatly increase prices in stores and give a way to spend those millions? He liked this idea but soon realized it would be quite a crude method, though an effective one. Then why not decrease buying prices? It would eliminate the need for gathering loot - if heavy armor or swords (two-handed swords +1 for example) will bring only 10-20 coins from selling them to a merchant there is absolutely no pleasure in picking them up. Even better - increasing both buying and selling prices will make every item very valuable and coins something lacking value (inflation, if you don't know). Or quite the reverse, if you prefer: items cost nothing and only rewards in gold are of some interest.

This component allows you to reduce the prices at which stores buy items, anywhere down to 25%, or raise them up to 300%. It will, of course, affect Aurora's items and those of any other mod installed before this one. The recommended value for a typical mega-mod install is a reduction to 67% (two-thirds of the original values).

Change store selling prices
As above, this component is also from the "Store Prices" mini-mod. It allows you to reduce the prices at which stores sell items, anywhere down to 50%, or raise them up to 500%. It will affect Aurora's items and those of any other mod installed previously. The recommended value for a typical mega-mod install is an increase to 150%.

Change gem and jewelry prices
Based on the "Store Prices" mini-mod (but not included in it), this component allows you to change the prices of gems and non-magical necklaces and rings. Since these are almost always gained as loot, this will change the total gold acquired. It will stack with the components above, if those are also installed. The component will reduce gem and jewelry prices anywhere down to 10%, or raise them up to 200%. The recommended value for a typical mega-mod install is a reduction to 67% (though as a new component, this requires confirmation).

Change quest gold rewards
Based on the "Store Prices" mini-mod and the Ding0 Experience Fixer, this component allows you to change the gold gained from quest rewards and other interactions with NPCs. It should work with standard game quests as well as most mod-added content, including Aurora. It changes amounts mentioned in dialogues as well as actual rewards obtained. Furthermore, it fixes buggy behavior where some NPCs may not have enough gold on hand to give the rewards they promised (unless intended by their dialogues). It is fully compatible with the next component (Change creature gold carried) in that respect. However, in the interest of efficiency, it will not affect rewards under 100 gold, and only a few that are equal to 100 gold (where it makes sense to change those). Choices vary anywhere from 10% to 90% of the original quest rewards. Alternately, you can choose not to modify the actual rewards but just implement the fixes described above.

Realistic random treasures
Many creatures in the game carry items that give them chances for spawning random treasures of various types. Many players have objected to the looting of high-level magical scrolls from gnolls, ogres and other creatures typically not magically inclined, or even literate in some cases. This component changes that. It excludes creatures of certain classes from obtaining scrolls, though they can spawn other random treasures such as gems or jewelry. The excluded creatures are basilisks, ghouls, revenants, mummies, gnolls, all ogre variants except ogre magi, beholders, trolls, umber hulks, mist creatures, fire elementals and zombies. Furthermore, it excludes summoned creatures and those with an intelligence less than 10. Though this is purely an arbitrary cut-off, it has the effect of excluding most humanoid rabble (such as kobolds and orcs) from possessing scrolls, unless they are spellcasters or other literate types. To account for this, certain creatures get a minor intelligence boost or decrease as relevant. This should have no other noticeable effect in the game.

This component also fixes weighting and other issues with the random treasure tables. For example, "poor" creatures should not have scrolls worth upwards of 100 gold under any circumstances. It provides several options for installation:
     1. Remove duplicate random treasures
     2. Only intelligent creatures get random scrolls
     3. Both 1 and 2 (no treasures lost)
     4. Both 1 and 2 (25% of treasures lost)
     5. Both 1 and 2 (50% of treasures lost)
     6. Both 1 and 7 (75% of treasures lost)
     7. All random treasures removed

With the first option (included also in options 3 through 6), all creatures with more than one random treasure will be left with the last one in their inventories. At best, this was simply too much loot for the affected creatures. At worst, it was quite possibly a bug, since some creatures referenced a single item more than once for no apparent reason. The exceptions to this rule are dragons and liches, who can possess multiple random treasures, as one might expect.

The second option (also included in options 3 through 6) is the main feature described above. The third option combines the first two options and is probably the option of choice for most lightly- modded games.

Options four through six also combine both features. In addition, they give a random chance for treasure "loss." With option 4, one out of every four creatures who previously had a random treasure will no longer have one. Option 5 increases this to a 1-in-2 chance, whereas with option 6, three out of four creatures will have lost their random loot. These options are probably appropriate for large mega-mod installs. Option 7 is the most extreme, removing all random loot in the game. Note that none of these options affects specific treasures that creatures will always have. It only affects random treasures that vary from game to game.

This component requires at least three rows to be vacant in either your random treasure table (rndtreas.2da) or random magic table (rndmagic.2da), though it will install partially if the tables are full. The only known configuration where this happens is when Check the Bodies is installed after BGT. The recommended order, however, is to install CtB before BGT.

Change creature gold carried
Based on the "Store Prices" mini-mod (but not included in it), this component allows you to change the gold carried by creatures and thus gained as loot. It will reduce creature gold anywhere down to 10%, or raise the values up to 200%. The recommended value for a typical mega-mod install is a reduction to 50% (though as a new component, this requires confirmation). It will also affect random amounts of gold spawned by the treasure tables and is fully compatible with the previous component in that respect.

PnP Helmed and Battle Horrors
Non-BG2 (unless modded)
An offshoot of the "Realistic random treasures" component, this selection makes the fearsome animated armor suits closer to their paper-and-pencil incarnations. They are now immune to ability drain, level drain, hold, fear and other mind-based spells. As they possess the Air Walk ability, they are not hindered by spells like Grease and Web. Horrors are immune to Magic Missile, Fireball, Lightning Bolt and Ice Storm, as well as necromancy spells. They see invisible beings naturally. Horrors use missile weapons, typically crossbows. They can also imbue their melee weapons with a magical flame, though the weapons themselves are usually normal. In addition, Battle Horrors possess spell-like abilities that include Magic Missile and Dimension Door.

This component will affect the Helmed and Battle Horrors found in Tutu and BGT. It will also affect the Doomsayer and certain protectors of Durlag's Tower (as discussed in this thread). It is compatible with changes SCS makes to Horrors, which are of a different nature. It will be skipped for BG2, unless it detects a mod that adds Horrors, such as Quest Pack or Planar Sphere. The Horrors get unique animations if you have a ToB executable. If not, we recommend installing the Flaming Swords component from One Pixel Productions, so Battle Horrors will have properly-animated weapons. It can be installed either before or after this component.

Realistic Kobold Commandos
An offshoot of the "Realistic random treasures" component, this selection makes these cheating little buggers a bit more realistic, as discussed in this thread. While Kobold Commandos have no PnP equivalents, this component gives them values closer to kobold bodyguards per PnP rules. Specifically, it changes Arrows of Fire to conform to their default descriptions and what you would expect of nonmagical flaming projectiles. They now do just 1d2 extra fire damage which is not subject to a saving throw. The commandos will have only two flaming arrows (though they have full quivers of normal arrows), so it behooves you to kill the (formerly cheating) little buggers as quickly as possible. In compensation, they get slightly better saving throws and proficiency bonuses (two stars in short swords and short bows) as appropriate for first-level warriors. It is compatible with the Kobold Commandos changed or added by SCS and other mods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Aurora? What is she doing in Athkatla?
A: Aurora is a retired fighter who loves shoes. She spent her early years combining her love of adventure with her love for shoes, fighting wherever a hired sword was needed and buying new and exotic footgear (when she had the money). Eventually, feeling the need for a more settled life, she rented a booth in Athkatla's Bridge District and opened her own shoe shop. With her far-flung acquaintance and knowledge of distant lands, she is able to sell unique items available through no other merchant.

Her passion for gossip nearly matches her love for shoes, and she'll be glad to share the news of the town with anyone who asks.

Q: Wait, where do Tomthal and Karaea come in?
A: Aurora cannot be at the shoe shop all the time. During the night hours, Tomthal runs the shop. He is a svirfneblin doomed to live on the surface because of a curse.

Karaea is his sister, a cheerful traveling merchant whom you may meet in Trademeet and perhaps in Nashkel and Amkethran as well. While Aurora and Tomthal both sleep when they're not minding the shop, Karaea has learned the reverie skill from an elf friend. At night, she meditates in a private garden but will still sell items if roused.

Q: Did someone mention a quest?
A: Yes and no. Aurora, Tomthal and/or Karaea may ask the party to do a favor or two.

Q: What about new areas?
A: Funny you should ask. Rumor has it there are bands of goblins roaming the wilds - some perhaps are even holed up in new caves for the intrepid party to discover. You may also find the off-duty lairs of the merchants in their respective districts.

Q: Just how much conversation are we talking about?
A: Aurora has twenty-some bits of gossip to pass on (if you ask), one or two banters with all the BioWare NPCs and a handful of banters with the PC. Tomthal and Karaea have lesser amounts of dialogue, though specific to their characters.

There is also a small amount of crossmod material if you have the MTS Crappack or Tales of the Deep Gardens installed. Eventually, there will be additional material available through Crossmod, including banters with Solaufein, Kelsey, Hubelpot and others.

Q: And how many pairs of shoes?
There are over three dozen pairs of boots of various kinds. You can buy most of these from the merchants, or merge them with other boots to create upgraded footwear. You may come across other items as well.

Q: Why can't I find all the items?
A: You must try harder, grasshopper ;). Several of the items are truly random, and some of those are quite rare also. Sheer volume in defeating enemies may prove to be the key. Other items are obtained only under special circumstances or on certain platforms. Still other items appear in stores other than Aurora's - these are also random.

Q: What if I don't want a chatty shopkeeper?
A: If you don't want to chat with Aurora yourself and do not want to hear her conversations with the NPCs, tell her you never want to hear from her, ever again, and the dialogue reverts to standard shopkeep-talk. You can also apologize for telling her to shut up and get more gossip from her, if you like.

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These are some general tips if you have problems getting the game working, with or without this or other mods. Many times, errors have to do with the game engine itself or the manner of installation or gameplay. The game recommends deleting all files out of the /cache, /temp and /tempsave subfolders in your game folder to see if that resolves the problem before any further troubleshooting.

Symptom: Game freezes or crashes to desktop (CTDs)
Sometimes the game displays an "assertion error" in a pop-up window when this happens, but often times it doesn't. To enable the full error message, open the file baldur.ini in your game folder with a text editor (such as Notepad). If you find you can't edit it or save changes in Windows Vista, see this topic for assistance.

Under the [Program Options] section in the file, type Logging On=1 (unless it's already there). While you're there, you may also want to make sure Debug Mode=1 is there to enable the CLUA Console for debugging and testing. Save the file and exit. Now go back into the game and try to reproduce the crash. Then look in your game folder again for the Baldur.err file and open it with a text editor to analyze its contents.

Symptom: Game crashes with no Baldur.err log and shows either a black screen or a pop-up window indicating an error at offset 005ca8a8
This usually indicates an animation-related issue. Make sure you have the latest version of the mod. If you've installed other mods after it and have this issue, install the fix available here.

ERROR: error copying [aurora/bam/somefile.bam]
ERROR: [SOMEFILE.CRE] -> [override/SOMEFILE.CRE] Patching failed (COPY)
Stopping installation because of error.
(with no other error message)
Less-than-informative messages like these may indicate you're installing to a hard drive with a low data transfer rate or an antivirus program is active during installation (which can also affect data transfer). Try installing to an internal drive with antivirus protection disabled during the install. If unsure, disconnect from the Internet (either unplug your network cable or disable your wireless adaptor) and turn off all memory-resident programs during the install. To get a list of these, go to Start > Run and type msconfig where it says "Open:" then click OK. When the System Configuration Utility appears, click on the Startup tab. The only really necessary programs that need to be loaded in memory at startup are those related to your graphics chip (typically ATI or NVIDIA). Uncheck everything else, reboot and try installing the mod again. There are well-documented issues with installing mods while Avast antivirus is running, so make absolutely sure all components of Avast are completely disabled.

Assertion failed in ChDimm.cpp at line #7641
Exp: pBiffHeader->dwFileType != mmioFOURCC('B', 'I', 'F', 'C')
Msg: c:\{path}\bg2\cd#\DATA\BIFNAME.BIF: attempted to use compressed BIF from CD, check free hard drive space

Sometimes, the referenced BIF will exist, but the game expects it to be in your main \data folder or in \cache\data. Copying it from the cd# folder (or the CD itself) will sometimes work. Other times, you may need to use DLTCEP to decompress the BIF. To do this, go to Extraction > Uncompress BIF. The decompressed BIF should end up in your main \data folder. Relaunch the game and see if this resolves the issue.

Assertion failed in ObjCreatureAI.cpp at line #16055
Msg: AR#### missing Exit####

Usually, this means you have installed the mod and used a saved game in which you've already visited an area changed by the mod. You need to use a save from before this point, or preferably, start a new game.

BEHHIV01.CRE is corrupt: below minimum length
Messages of this nature usually indicate you're installing this on Shadows of Amn instead of Throne of Bhaal. Some older mods use an ALLOW_MISSING command to create zero-byte files which aren't present. You can safely ignore such messages. You'll never see those files, and this mod won't try to patch them.

Other issues
If you have more than one large mod installed, please refer to the Megamod FAQ for more troubleshooting tips. If none of this resolves your issue, or you have mod-specific issues, please report the problem in the mod's forum. Include the contents of your WeiDU.log file in the post, or attach it if it's large.

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Items and creatures

Boots and shoes
Boots of Endurance Boots of High Style Boots of Trudging Boots of Bravery Boots of Battle Boots of the Pub Boots of the Bar Boots of Boredom These Boots Are Made for Walking Love Lies Bleeding Dancing Shoes Long-Leggedy Beasties Shoes of the Shameless Boots of the Blameless A Mile in Someone Else's Shoes Stinky Feet Visiting Boots Boots to Jog the Memory Boots of the Leopard Stylish Boots of the Cheetah Mad Marv's Moccasins Everyday Green Boots Everyday Yellow Boots Everyday Blue Boots Green Moccasins Green-Laced Boots Pink Boots of Stealth Boots of Berserking Gnomish Boots Goblin Boots Drow Boots Daemonfey Boots Boots of War Boots of Swift Love Stinking Gnomish Boots Thrice-Armored Boots Drow Boots of the Night Daemon Noble Boots

Other items
Ornate Necklace Brooch of Tempus Gooseberries Pile of Bones Bracelet of Wisdom Single Earring Chained-Teeth Earrings Ruby Star Ruby Tiger's Eye Gem Snowflake Obsidian Amethyst Gem Topaz Gem Amber Gem Fire Opal Bandfire Opal Helm of the North Hazel Ioun Stone Hand Lotion Muscle Balm Granite-Strength Gogondy Garnet-Strength Gogondy Strawberry Wine Great Elixir Ornate Ring Bronze Lockpick Iron Lockpick Set Mask of Evasion Ancient Timepiece Apple Butter Blackberry Jam Blueberry Jam Goodberry Jam Lingonberry Jam Mulberry Jam Raspberry Jam Strawberry Jam Wolfberry Jam Gooseberry Pie Bread and Jam Tattered Note Mirror Small Box Oak Shoe Box Mahogany Shoe Box Ebony Shoe Box Acid Rapier +2 Battle Axe +2, Armor Biter Svirfneblin Pickaxe Svirfneblin Club Blackjack Jeweled Long Sword +3 Pirate's Cutlass +2 Bastard Sword +2, Iceblade Staff of Swarming Insects +2 Knight's Shield +1 Mirrored Shield +1 Green Cloak Green Robe

New creature animations
Svirfneblin (Pale, No Axe) Svirfneblin (Dark, No Axe) Svirfneblin (Pale, Axe) Svirfneblin (Dark, Axe) Goblin Shaman Goblin Chief Worg Myrlochar
Earth Elemental Cambion Alu-Fiend Helmed Horror Battle Horror

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Writing: Bookwyrme and K'aeloree
Coding: GeN1e and Miloch
Coding help: berelinde and SConrad
Macros: Ascension64, Gort and Nythrun
Item art: Miloch (some ideas from flysoup, Moinesse and Diablo)
Area help: Yovaneth
IA patch: Erephine
Portrait: Nyx (Website)
Voice writing: Bookwyrme, Caelellowynn and Miloch
Voice acting: berelinde, Riviera and Ascension64
Initial concept: MajorTomSawyer, Jyzabyl and Bookwyrme
Beta reading: Riviera and Finduilas
Alpha testing: Lava Del'Vortel and @vGur
French translation: Aldiemus (of the d'Oghmatiques)
Hosting: Spellhold Studios (Forums)
Keeping it "real": Hoppy, Jarno Mikkola, melkor_morgoth75, OneEyedPhoenix and others
Programs/tools used in creation:

Aurora's Shoes and Boots is copyright © 2010 Bookwyrme and Miloch. This work (including all code and documentation) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. You are free to share (copy, distribute and transmit) and to remix (adapt) this work, except for commercial purposes. See the Creative Commons Public License for more details. The authors ask to be informed of any changes or adaptations at the mod's forum. All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Version History

Version 5: 1 Feb 2010
  • Fixed _LOW animation bugs causing areas crashing on load
  • Fixed glitches in area function causing item and door corruption
  • Fixed random item scripting routine
  • Corrected references to Xulaye areas in Boots of the Bar scripts
  • Removed traces of previous "animation-stacking" items
  • Renamed some resources to avoid conflict with AjocMod
Version 4: 20 Jan 2010
  • Aurora has more dialogue! She's a bit "smarter" when it comes to thievery, though it would be spoiling to tell more...
  • Added French translation (from Aldiemus of the d'Oghmatiques)
  • Added crossmod banters with Kelsey, Solaufein, Hubelpot and Fade
  • Encoded sounds as WAVC instead of OGG format to save install time and space
  • Added goblin/gnome encounter for Classic Adventures
  • Added unique sounds for goblins, svirfneblin, cambions and alu-fiends from Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights
  • Changed goblin and gnome animations to use dedicated slots instead of stacking (using the Infinity Animations scheme for ToB executables)
  • Changed daemonfey boots to summon either a cambion fighter/mage or alu-fiend fighter/cleric
  • Added Icewind Dale animations and sounds for earth elemental, worgs, helmed and battle horrors
  • Fixed Helmed Horror component crash issue
  • Revised area patching macros to avoid issues in Larswood
  • Optimized patching by avoiding time-consuming regexp
  • Added option to abridge Spellhold cutscene in "Shorten BG2 intros" component
  • Amended documentation regarding compatibility, antivirus issues and SoA-only installs
  • Fixed glitches in item upgrade dialogues
  • Slightly nerfed item availability in Tutu by request
  • Karaea now moves from Nashkel to Baldur's Gate when relevant
  • Enhanced creature slot fixing in "Realistic random treasures" component
  • Fixed minor glitch with goblin animations if Drizzt Saga is installed
  • Fixed potential svirfneblin glitch if another mod gives them shields
  • Improved Battle Horror compatibility if SCS is installed
  • Moved batch and log files to "batchlog" subfolder
Version 3: 22 Oct 2009
  • Fixed bugs in Lissa's dialogue and Temple Ruins subquest
  • Added more options to "Change quest gold rewards" component
  • Enhanced random treasure and creature gold components
  • Added install order-independent Ashes of Embers compatibility
  • Added "Realistic Kobold Commandos" component
  • Tweaked "PnP Helmed and Battle Horrors" component
Version 2: 3 Oct 2009
  • Added "Change quest gold rewards" component
  • Added "Realistic random treasures" component
  • Added "PnP Helmed and Battle Horrors" component
  • Added compatibility for Classic Adventures
  • Fixed minor glitch with NEJ2 and RoT compatibility
  • Fixed area entrances and Karaea's script for BGT
  • Enhanced gabber checks for Aurora
  • Added option to apologize to Aurora if you were rude
Version 1: 2 Sep 2009
  • Tweaked dialogues
  • Adjusted items and corrected probabilities
  • Recoded quest item randomization (so it actually works :P)
Beta 1: 31 Aug 2009
  • Fixed some dialogue typos and variables
  • Improved compatibility for "Shorten cutscene" components
  • Revised sleeping routines (again)
  • Fixed Boots of the Bar, Blackjack and Great Elixir
  • Smuggled in a couple of new items
Alpha 3: 23 Aug 2009
  • Fixed a bevy of bugs
  • Corrected a few animation and palette issues
  • Removed "glowing ball" effect from svirfneblin illusion immunity
  • Added selection sounds for Aurora
  • Revised area entrances, search and light maps
  • Revised sleeping routines, scripts and dialogues
  • Added extra option to "Shorten BG2 intros" component
  • Added "Shorten Gorion battle cutscene" component
Alpha 2: 13 Aug 2009
  • Corrected some of the more complex items (such as drinkables)
  • Added merchant theft dialogue code in the style of Rogue Rebalancing, thanks to aVENGER
  • Added charmed dialogue if Ascension64's patch is installed
  • Added item upgrades
  • Added new areas for goblins and merchants
  • Added myrlochar (drow "soul spiders")
  • Remastered all voice clips
  • Fully implemented sleeping, waking and commuting
  • Added Throne of Bhaal check for Boots of the Bar
Alpha 1: 8 May 2009
  • Initial internal release
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