One Pixel Productions: Flaming Swords
A Spellhold Studios mod for Baldur's Gate 2: SoA/ToB
Contributors: Erephine, Nythrun, K'aeloree
Mod Forum | Mod Website | Version: 1.0
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The premise of this mod is very simple - it makes all of the flaming swords in the game into actual flaming swords!

Visit the website or forum for all the latest updates.

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One Pixel Productions: Flaming Swrods is a WeiDU mod, and is very easy to install. Simply un-rar 1pp_flamingswords.rar (WinRAR into your Baldur's Gate II directory, run "setup-1pp_flamingswords.exe" and follow the instructions.

To uninstall, simply run "setup-1pp_flamingswords.exe" again and follow the prompts.

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Mod Details

In short, this mod makes all the flaming swords in the game into actual flaming swords. It replaces the FS (flaming sword) animations with flaming sword animations.

"This is 1ppv3 content, which means, it's actually finished this time (for any race/gender combination). Not only that, but I completely rebuilt what was already there for consistency's sake. I noticed some rather embarrassing mistakes I made with my previous release that didn't sit right with me. Mainly you would have noticed that the M category (elves?) seemed remarkably less lively than say, the N one (human female).

"I would have released this a few days ago, but a quite unexpected last-minute bug honoured me with a surprise visit. I have tried and fixed it, but not properly, which means I'm - again - not totally happy with it. You may or may not notice what I mean

"Hopefully there shouldn't be any problems, but feel free to point them out if they exist."

- Erephine

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For support or questions, please visit the mod forum. All questions about the graphical content should be directed to Erephine (send Erephine a PM), and all technical questions to K'aeloree (send K'aeloree a PM).




Thanks in advance especially to Nythrun for letting us use her code! We hope!

Programs/tools used in creation:

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Version History

1PP: Flaming Swords v1.0:

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