IEP Extended Banter
A Spellhold Studios mod for Baldur's Gate 2: SoA/ToB
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The goal of this mod is to ensure that each Bioware NPC gets their fair share of banters with each other. We also intend to expand on friendships and relationships between the various NPCs; the friendship between Mazzy and Aerie, for example, or the peculiar relationship between Jaheira and Viconia. Currently, the mod includes banters mainly for Shadows of Amn, with two for ToB (between Minsc and Aerie).

We hope you enjoy this mod as much as we have enjoyed making it!

Visit the website or forum for all the latest updates.

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IEP Extended Banter is a WeiDU mod, and is very easy to install. Simply un-rar iepbanters_v1.rar (WinRAR into your Baldur's Gate II directory, run "setup-iepbanters.exe" and follow the instructions.

To uninstall, simply run "setup-iepbanters.exe" again and follow the prompts.

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Mod Details

The Extended Banter component adds numerous banters between the Bioware NPCs, humorous, serious or otherwise. Your companions are people too - surely they deserve more talking time! This release includes the following banters for SoA:

The Extended Minsc/Aerie Interaction ToB component includes two banters for Aerie and Minsc in Throne of Bhaal.

The Imoen Retrospection Dialogue component adds a new dialogue with your foster-sister Imoen in Throne of Bhaal.

The Anomen Wake-up dialogue component adds a new dialogue to the Anomen romance. In the original romance, there was no "morning after" dialogue with Anomen for after you had slept with him, something that both fans and the original writer of the Anomen Romance, David Gaider, found unsatisfactory. This component adds a morning after dialogue written by David Gaider on the Attic forums with additions from Kulyok.

The Conflict Revisions component includes conflict revisions, which allow the PC to intervene before NPC disagreements turn ugly. It revises the following conflicts:

The Banter Accelerator is a more customizable version of jcompton's Banter Accelerator script available in the PPG Banter Pack, modified and redistruted with permission.

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IEP Extended Banter is a WeiDU mod, and therefore should be compatible with all WeiDU mods. It has been tested on several different installations, and has so far worked perfectly. If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the forum!

As of version 1.1, IEP Extended Banter is now BGT Compatible.

Keep in mind that the IEP Banter Accelerator will uninstall any previously installed banter accelerator, including the accelerator included in BG1 NPC. This is for compatibility reasons, but it does mean that you should take care with larger installations including other accelerators.

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For support or questions, please visit the mod forum, or send a PM (Personal Message) to K'aeloree.

Project leader:

Packaging and readme:

Writing and proofreading:
Arathlan, berelinde, Bookwyrme, Ilmatar, K'aeloree, Sephira, Shadowhawke, Solar's Harper, Tameon the Dragoon

Choo Choo


Thanks to Ascension64 for helping with BGT compatibility!

Programs/tools used in creation:

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Version History

IEP Extended Banter v3.0:

IEP Extended Banter v2.0:

IEP Extended Banter v1:

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