Colours of Infinity

Colours of Infinity is a series of mods by Lava Del'Vortel. The first release in this project is called Tales of the Deep Gardens. The series will include a number of small mods that will add some mysterious, intriguing and sometimes abstract aspects to the game. Be prepared to see interesting new areas and take part in mystical adventures.

Tales of the Deep Gardens

The last thing you remember is a mage on the streets of Athkatla, the building of the Council of Six, the trees and mansions of the Goverment District. Now you feel only humid air and cold ground... You try to open your eyes, but you are not sure if your senses are to be believed. You are barely able to recognise shapes around you... Crooked trees, bantam buildings, colourful mists... Your head aches. It is impossible for you to focus... Suddenly, you realise something. You hear voices and footsteps... You are not alone in this unknown place.

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Tales of the Deep Gardens is a WeiDU mod, packaged in an extractable .RAR archive. Simply unrar "totdg_v1.rar" (WinRAR) into your Baldur's Gate II directory and run "setup-totdg.exe".

To uninstall, run "setup-Tales of the Deep Gardens.exe" again and select the uninstall option.

Compatibility and Installation Order

This mod was created for BG2: SoA, though it is recommended that you have ToB installed. There are no known incompatibilites, and Tales of the Deep Garden should work with every WeiDU mod.

Although it is not required for Tales of the Deep Gardens to function properly, it is always a good idea install the latest version of the BG2 Fixpack.

Component 2: NPC reactions

This component adds reactions to some NPCs - specifically, Aerie, Viconia, Jaheira, Anomen, Haer'dalis, and Keldorn. To install it, you must have installed the mod itself.

Component 3: Add Deep Gardens to the Worldmap

This component adds location of the Deep Gardens to the worldmap.wmp. DG will be marked on the map while your presence on the mod locations. This component is recommended, but if someone had problems when adding areas to the worldmap in the previous versions, now it is possible to skip this part. To install it, you must have installed the mod itself.

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Mod Information

Tales of the Deep Gardens is a quest mod that adds brand new adventure including new areas, people, music, spells and items. It will allow you to visit new world called Deep Gardens - a mysterious underground land where the Colours, which are strange essence-like objects, rule the everyday life of oneiric village. It is recommended that you start the quest with a balanced party which includes magic and weapon users of higher than level 12. Without that it will be very difficult to complete the mod. "Solo gameplay" (with one characer, no other party members) is not recommended.


All completed mods from the Colours of Infinity series include/will include crossmod content. All completed CoI projects are linked together. Kulyok's Xan includes a special talk after completing the Tales of the Deep Gardens quest. There is also written crossmod with Aurora's Shoes. Finishing the Deep Gardens quest gives bonus influence in Varshoon respect path.

Known Problems

It seems that Barney - who should be in the Five Flagons - does not appear in some versions of BG2. When collecting quest items in Athkatla, and you cannot find Barney (he should be standing near Samuel), talk to Bel outside of the Five Flagons Inn. He will sell the quest item in his shop.

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Author, Coder, Areas, Voicing: Lava Del'Vortel
BAM Files: Kirara
Portraits: Mainly by MichaelO
Music: Lunatic Soul
Proofreading: Leila, Zathraness, Azkyroth, Kitanna and Daulmakan
Betatesting: Vinci, Darlarosa, Kulyok, Jastey and Ralfo
Version 2 help: Miloch, Leila, Yovaneth, Liam, KakarotUSMC, Cal Jones, Karanith
German Translation: Gerri
Version 3.2 minor fixex: ScuD

I would also like to thank Misstress Elysia, Silmarien, Children of Bhaal - a community that hosts the forums of my Polish projects, Mariusz Duda - leader of Riverside and Lunatic Soul - who gave me permission to use his music, MichaelO who gave me permission to use his art, people who I used to talk about the idea of mod - Liam, Vinci, L'f, Kirara - those people encouraged me. I would also like to thank SHS which hosts this project and all players that decided to try out TotDG.

Programs/tools used in creation:

Copyright Notice:

Tales of the Deep Gardens was developed by Lava Del'Vortel, based on material from the game Baldur's Gate II and its expansion.

All mod content is © Lava Del'Vortel.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal © TSR, Inc. The BioWare Infinity Engine is © BioWare Corp.

Please note that any and all redistribution and/or hosting of this mod is expressly unwanted without permission from the author(s).

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Version history

3rd August 2009 - Version 1.0:
  • Initial release
20th August 2009 - Version 2.0:
  • Fixed script AR1000.baf
  • Fixed spell that couldn't be written in mage book and overall spell revision
  • Fixed cre file of a beggar and moved him a bit to the south
  • Fixed area tp2 coding
  • Fixed Amber Rose .itm file
  • Fixed bam file of Green Colour
  • Fixed music script
  • Correction of typos
  • Added the mage in Amkethran (minor fight with the mage who sent us to the Gardens)
  • Added small reactions for Jaheira, Anomen, Aerie, Viconia (if we have romance with them), Keldorn and Haer'dalis (if we have them in party)
23th August 2009 - Version 2.1:
  • "Treasure hunt" fix. In Chapter 6 skeleton can be also found in Bodhi's Lair.
24th August 2009 - Version 2.2:
  • Fixed double wizard creation. Thx, Cal!
25th August 2009 - Version 2.21:
  • Changed Gray Link
30th August 2009 - Version 3:
  • Added German translation (Translated by Gerri.)
  • Adding Deep Gardens to the Worldmap as a separated component.
  • Updated WeiDU.
1st September 2009 - Version 3.1:
  • Lower probability of appearing bugs connected with the priest.
17th October 2009 - Version 3.2:
  • Minor fixes done by ScuD.
  • Minor script fix.
  • Blue Link effect change.
  • More balanced effect of Gray Link.
  • Gold Link script fix.
  • Yet another fix of not-appearing priest. (I hope the last one!)
  • More text corrections.
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